We know how choosing a training company to fit your needs can be overwhelming at times. Here at CellBotics, we want to help you with that process and make it an easy choice for you. With any training facility, it’s important for you to know exactly what you’re getting AND if that is what you NEED.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty so you have all of the information you need right from the get-go. There are no long contracts or hidden catches and you can call us anytime, 24/7, for any question you may have! even after you finish our course!

We do not train from a projector scree and we believe a beginner can NOT learn that way. We make sure you will not damage clients items and regret it with a new $1000 device. We help you all the way thru and with small class sizes no more then 10 students per class with 2 Instructors you cant go wrong and you wont be left behind. 

Here is some tips…

  • Before you start, you need to identify YOUR skill level. CellBotics is built for complete beginners, someone who is just breaking into the industry.
  • Second, you need to decide how you’ll want to use your new skills once your training is completed but we help you during training think of income streams you may have over looked or just not known about. Some of the possibilities include opening a cell phone shop, adding repairs to your existing business, or gaining employment and contract work repairing items for commercial accounts or individuals.

Once you have decide this then you are able to choose the correct facility to train with. As we have said many times on our website; CellBotics is for beginners.

The CellBotics course starts with very basic tool identification, grounding techniques, equipment identification, component identification, smart phone and tablet device information and then moves into 100% HANDS ON tear down of each device, not just theory!

This course also covers full tear downs of multiple devices, glass replacement, light soldering work (NOT MICRO SOLDERING), water damage repair and finally; BUSINESS INFO! This is our strongest side, we get you jump started from a NewB to a knowledge filled business owner ready to hit the ground running.

From vendors in the USA, to over seas, from corporate accounts to branding, from resale to activation, discounts with vendors, how to market your business, how to start with little money, mobile/from home & retail shop set up, how to form a legal business with the government, we even can do a website for you and SO SO So Much more!

So if any of what we just listed, you already know how to do then this is NOT the course for you. If you are unsure, just IM us thru our chat box below or simply give us a call and we will help you figure it out. If you are SURE this is what you need, then book now!

Click the big red Register Now button at top, to the right and we look forward to seeing you in class!

We cover every part of cell phone repair but pride ourselves on our glass/lens removal and LOCA or OCA reapplication. You will spend a full day removing and reapplying glass on original assemblies. Our training focuses on assembly of smart phones, tablets and iPads diagnosing, water damage repair, replacing components, which does not require soldering 90% of the time.

To cover the remaining 10%, we teach you a fast, easy way to repair charge ports and components via the soldering technique.  CellBotics Instructors also spend time training rebuilding from scarp and we dedicate a half of a day to business information about unlocking, flashing, activations, website design, store layout and more!

What You Need to Know about OCA and LOCA

With costs no more the $15 most glass repairs make from $65 to $300 in pure profit with less then 1 hour of labor. Also known as UV glue, OCA is the original glue and LOCA is the second hand glue between the glass and LCD/LED. It’s now being used in all new model phones. A few years earlier, most techs believed an efficient method was installing a Glass Lens with simple double-sided tape.

As you may have guessed, this simply isn’t good enough; double-sided tape isn’t effective nor permanent and replacement the entire assembly is too expensive and can leave you with as little as a $30 profit! just as low as soldering can make you! 

The best technique available by far is LOCA, and CellBotics will train you on how to perform this repair. Return your customers phone to factory status, be the best Technician around! and make great returns doing it. 

Ever been in a class where there were so many students that you felt overlooked and unappreciated? We dislike those classes just as much as you do! CellBotics understands small classes are the best way to ensure each student gets the right amount of attention and one-on-one time. Our classes train 10 students on average per class, which guarantees a better learning experience for you since we always have 2 instructors.

You will learn in an environment where you can comfortably ask questions and spend time on each topic until you’re secure and confident in your new repair abilities. Along with your new technical training, you’ll also learn about the business side of the industry and receive expert advice on how to own and operate your very own cell phone shop.

There are many cautionary tales of people who decide to cut corners and try to learn cell phone repair exclusively online through YouTube videos and how-to articles.

Many end up having to pay thousands of dollars to replace items they damaged as a result and after all that, they still don’t have the right training! If you want to be professional and successful in this industry, you need to make the proper investment. With any training, you get what you pay for—and if you give us one week of your time, you will see fantastic results!