This page is full of videos made by Nicole Russell one of the Cell Phone Repair Trainers addressing the FAQ she receives from people looking to get into the industry.

Can you make money in this industry? What do we think of other schools?

How much does it cost to open a Repair Shop?

Video 2: How much to open a retail shop?



You don’t know anything about electronics, should you attend? Your a women, will you make it in this industry?? You think your old.. can you make it work in this industry? Are you too late?


Who is Cellbotics Cell Phone Repair Course for?


What devices will you work on in class? (We also teardown Note 5 and iPhone 10 all added since this video))


Why do we NOT include Micro Soldering (chip level soldering done by micro scope) in our Cell Phone Repair Beginners Course? (You must take the Micro Soldering separate AFTER you have months of experience)

Cellbotics Video

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