What Repairs will I be able to do after Cell Phone Repair Training?

You will be able to offer ANY repair to any customer Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad right out of Training;

No waiting! No need to buy Practice Devices! You practice on those in Training. Below is a list of Repairs/Replacements:

Charge Port Replacement or Repair

Ear Speaker Replacement

Loud Speaker Replacement

Speaker Phone Issues

Wifi Antenna Replacement

Bluetooth Antenna Replacement

Service Signal Issues

Glass Only Change Outs

LCD Replacement

Mid-Frame Replacement or Repair

Bezel Replacement 

Gasket Replacement

Vibrate Motor Replacement

Silence Button Replacement

Volume Button Replacement

Power Button Replacement

Grounding Shield Replacement

Flash Replacement

Sim Card Replacement and Repair

Memory Card Replacement and Repair

EMI shield Replacement

Head Phone Jack Replacement or Repair

Mic Replacement or Repair

Frame Replacement or Repair

Digitizer Replacement 

Polaroid Replacement

Back Light Replacement

Proximity Sensor Replacement or Repair

Brightness Sensor Replacement or Repair

Light Filter Replacement or Repair

Strip Screw Removal

Adhesive Applications

Software Updates

Front Camera

Rear Camera

Any Water Damage Issues

In addition; if you encounter it; you will be able to replace boards, build new devices from scrap and out source what is on a Micro Soldering Advanced Level. We provide all the contacts you need for purchasing devices to sell, activation’s, supplies, business set up, operations, forms to use, loaner devices and out sourcing contacts that have great pricing and speed. 

We cover allot and we think its hard to break it all out sometimes; we hope this post has helped express our amazing Cell Phone Repair course! Hope to see you in class soon! Check Our Schedule for Dates