Recommerce Can Boost Your Smartphone Repair Store Profits

You’ve made the right decision by going into the cellphone repair business. Business is good – and it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Recommerce: The Market of the Future

The buyback market has seen tremendous growth. The total market for used devices in the United States now stands at $7 billion dollars. This year the trading in of smartphones alone will generate $5 billion. And by 2017, the United States recommerce market for high-end consumer electronics will reach $14 billion. Right now, there are over 370 million used idle devices in the market. Many of those devices will find their way to repair stores. The upshot? That repair stores are perfectly situated to profit from the lucrative buyback market.

Have You Got the Tools You Need?

To profit from recommerce, you need twenty-first century tools. And Sourcely is perfectly situated to help the device repair industry get up to speed. Sourcely’s proven recommerce and reverse logistics platform has made it the market leader in buyback for the repair industry. Repair stores that have partnered with Sourcely have seen their profits increase by 10, 15, and even 20 percent.
Sourcely’s buyback platform makes reliable business growth effortless. How? We’ll build you a buyback website that provides customers with over 700 used device quotes. The software’s simple three-step method guides customers through the buyback process and into your store.
Sourcely also offers lead generation services that elevate your store’s online presence. 82% of local web searches end in a phone call, visit, or in-store purchase. Sourcely ensures customers can find your website when they need to—because more customers visiting your website means more customers coming to your store to do business. What’s more, we’re a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means our business has earned the trust of the biggest search engine company in the world.

Double Your Customer Base — Effortlessly

Repair stores that use Sourcely’s platform and lead generation services see new customer traffic more than double. They boost brand awareness in their local markets. They discover new revenue streams through buyback channels.

They also no longer experience cash flow problems. Sourcely buys the devices repair stores cannot use for parts or resale—and Sourcely pays for them within 72 hours.
The time to profit from the buyback market is now. Let Sourcely be your trusted guide and partner in turning yesterday’s devices into today’s profits. Sign up for a FREE demo, or email us today at, and get ready to maximize your profits!