Nicole Russell
Executive Instructor
Nicole Russell is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for breathing life into big ideas and training the next generation of self-starters. As the founder and owner of CellBotics, a leading educating center dedicated to training students in cell phone and tablet repair, Nicole has helped hundreds gain critical skills in forging their own paths to financial independence. Few things bring her more satisfaction than working with students in person or over the phone and advising them in how to become successful technicians and professionals, and she makes a point to make herself available at all hours of the day for her graduates. Nicole officially launched CellBotics in 2012 as Nikki’s Repair Training, renamed it in 2014, and relocated it to Greenville, SC. CellBotics now operates out of one dedicated location with plans for 2 more in the next 3 years. CellBotics consistently continues to grow in profit, partnerships with industry leaders and number of students served. Prior to launching CellBotics, Nicole successfully owned and operated Nikki’s Tablet Brand, a cell phone and tablet retailer/repair center which she started in 2008. She eventually grew the company to seven locations around the U.S. before selling it to focus exclusively on CellBotics, late 2014. Nicole is also a iCracked Technician you can view her profile here, When she’s not in the office, Nicole spends every spare moment she can with her wonderful family. She also enjoys spending time at the YMCA, traveling and mentoring youth.
Challenge with her classNicole with some of her StudentsNicole Helping her student
Chris Hallford
Chris was born and raised in Toccoa, GA and earned an Engineering degree from Clemson University, so he is a proud local to the Greenville area. Chris came to CellBotics for his own aspersions of owning his own mobile business and during the Training showed himself to be quite good around electronics. Chris spent 30 years in the manufacturing of bearing components, for use in the automotive industry and enjoys learning about all types of technology; so cell phones and tablets really came natural to him. While he continues his business growth Chris has joined the CellBotics Team and looks forward to growing and helping students for years to come.
Chris helping WebChat StudentChris helping a studnet
Kendall Aleasha
Coming through a CellBotics Partner Program, Kendall, has complex training and experience. She works for a cell phone repair shop in the mall, does repairs on her own and repairs/builds items for CellBotics directly. The choice to follow the path to becoming a CellBotics Instructor was made as a group and has come after realizing her drive, love for the industry and kindness when dealing with people. Cellbotics is proud to call her one of our own.
Kendall and the class doing a challange
Michelle Cox
Computer Repair Instructor
Michelle has unmatched experience in the Computer Repair Industry. There are a very limited number of techs in the world that can boast such as her. With 25+ Years managing one of the worlds largest corporations Training program and running her own Computer Repair Business she is equipment with generations of proven experience entrepreneurial and corporate America experience. Michelle is very Technical but still has the ability to bring complete New Bs from step 1 right to where they need to be. Michelles compassion and drive to see her students succeed with with their goals is also a site to see; Michelle follows up very frequently with her students walking them thru everything from Interviews to Opening their own shops and makes sure they are successful. Experience: CompTIA A+ Certification: HP OEM Workstation, Desktop and Laptop Certification; Lenovo Desktop, Laptop, and Server Certification; Dell OEM Desktop, Laptop Certification; Xerox Printer Repair Certification; Lexmark Printer Repair Certification Former Computer Repair Business Owner; 19 years Field Support Specialist; Corporate Training Specialist and Technical Writer for multiple accounts developing Field Support Technicians.
Britany Whitemore
Britany has worked with Nicole Russell since she was a teenager. She has worked in shops located in Florida, Texas and New Orleans doing repairs and sales. When CellBotics was opened she just naturally fell into the role as Instructor Assistant and over the past years has developed into a reliable and educated instructor.
Liz Daniels
Training Representative

Liz G. Daniels is positive and passionate about solving challenges so you can continue life and business uninterrupted especially in this age where technology such as the Cell Phone is a necessity. Liz is a vital member of  the Cellbotics Team and is key in bringing this amazing training to people in the northern parts of the USA. Liz is here to help you decide if this training is right for you and can help set up training in your area. You may contact Liz at or 888-820-6618 x702.

Liz discusses on-site Training and will also work with Nicole Russell (President) at 888-820-6618 x 700 or to bring you the proper Training program and pricing.