Does CellBotics except the GI bill?

Unfortunately we are not currently set up to except the GI bill


How long before I can make money doing repair?

Immediately after training, no waiting, no “practice time” we teach you all you need to start your first day out. Tools and supplies come within 4 days of ordering.


Will I receive a Certificate?

YES! Of course! You need to be able to show of your amazing skills! Not only by doing the proper repairs but hanging your professional certificate on the wall! Check our Facebook to see people with their Certificates


What will I learn in class?

Read these pages:

       Cell Phone Repair

       Computer Repair


Will I be able to get a job after class?

That’s up to you. Of course your new training will assist you but it is up to you to make the closing on the interview with your potential hire. We recommend starting from home and making your own money!