Does CellBotics except the GI bill?

Unfortunately we are not currently set up to except the GI bill


How long before I can make money doing the Cell Phone Repair Training Course or Computer Repair Training Course?

Immediately after training, no waiting, no “practice time” we teach you all you need to start your first day out. Tools and supplies come within 4 days of ordering.


Will I receive a Certificate in the Cell Phone Repair Training Course or Computer Repair Training Course?

YES! Of course! You need to be able to show of your amazing skills! Not only by doing the proper repairs but hanging your professional certificate on the wall! Check our Facebook to see people with their Certificates


What will I learn in the Cell Phone Repair Training Course and Computer Repair Training Course?

Read these pages:

       Cell Phone Repair

       Computer Repair


Will I be able to get a job after the Cell Phone Repair Training Course or Computer Repair Training Course?

That’s up to you; we can give you companies names that do hire techs and give you ideas but you have to make do the interview. Of course your new training will assist you but it is up to you to make the closing on the interview with your potential hire. We recommend starting from home and making your own money!


Why do you include Hotel with you Cell Phone Repair Training and Computer Repair Training Courses?

People from all over the world travel in to take our course so us including hotel makes it much more easy


What is the difference between the 3, 4 & 5 Day Mobile Device Repair Training Course?

Nothing. Simple.. the course is 30 hours… take it over the amount of days you prefer. 


Do you teach soldering in your Cell Phone Repair Training Course or Computer Repair Training Course? 

Yes, we teach you soldering to replace charge ports, head phones jacks and larger items like that but NOT Micro Soldering. Micro Soldering is done with high end micro scopes and is chip – board level repairs. Our course is built for BEGINNERS wanting to do repairs for customers; you are not yet prepared for a Micro Soldering course until you have been a tech for atleast 6 months to a year doing consistent repair to understand why and IF you ever need it. We do give you a direct contact with Micro Solders across the country incase you ever need to use them – we also teach you WHY you may need them; have no worries its not usual to need Micro Soldering


I’ve been fixing phones for years; is your Cell Phone Repair Training Course for me?

This depends; keep in mind this course is for COMPLETE BEGINNERS. It is all hands on to help people who have no knowledge of devices get into this industry properly. We are very proud to have a specific client type, beginners, so if you are running a repair shop this may be past your level. We are bringing people UP TO your level, so keep that in mind.  


What do you mean when it says HANDS ON in the Cell Phone Repair Training Course and Computer Repair Training Course?

This means the course is completely hands on, you actually touch the devices, have them on your desk, tear them down, test them and more. 


Do you include flights with you Cell Phone Repair Training Course or Computer Repair Training Course?

No, at this time we do not include flight




CellBotics Computer Hardware Course says, it’s hands on. Is this really true?

Here at CellBotics you start working on Workstations and Desktops within the first half hour the class begins.


At CellBotics are the students required to bring their own tools to the course?

At CellBotics we believe that your development and success are incomplete without having the proper tools to work with. We provide the student tools as part of the course. This means you get to take them with you when you complete the course.


What types of computer hardware do student’s work with for the Hands-On course?

Students work on Workstations, Desktops, Laptops. All-In-Ones, Printers and a Server. We have models from HP, Dell. ASUS. Acer, Apple, KNI and MSI computers. We have HP, Minolta, Lexmark and Brother Printers for students to learn printer maintenance.


What type of study material is provided for the Hands-On Computer Repair Course?

Every student received the latest edition of the CompTIA A+ All in One textbook by Mike Meyers. After completion of the course you can go to work repairing computers and laptops, but as a true technician, obtaining the CompTIA A+ should be part of your goal. This certification will help you stand out and is financially lucrative to your success.


Can people really make money repairing computers and laptops?

Absolutely!!! Once you complete your training and you start telling your friends, family and neighbors; they will be asking you to repair equipment right away!

You can create and put out door hangers; people will respond and call you for help.


What’s the advantage in taking CellBotics’ Hands-on Computer Hardware course vs. going to a University or Community College?

Time and cost is the first part of the answer to your question. Most colleges and universities teach theory; here at CellBotics we teach an immersive hands-on course that is designed to get you working in the IT field right after the completion. The cost is over 85% less than a traditional college or university and there is not a hefty student loan to repay either!!!

How long has the Instructor been working in the IT sector?

Our Computer Hardware Instructor has been in the IT field for twenty years. She has worked on over twenty-five major corporate accounts (Home Depot; Target; Johnson and Johnson; Wal-Mart and Disney etc.…) and had an in-home computer repair business. She is also a Children’s Book Author that writes non-fiction STEM based books. She is CompTIA A+ certified and holds OEM certifications (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from HP, Dell, Lenovo/IBM, Lexmark, and Xerox.


When can I get started?

Right now!!! Check out our course schedule and sign up today! CellBotics + You = Success!


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