iCracked and CellBotics Cell Phone Repair Training Program

This NEW Partnership Program between iCracked and Cellbotics is for CellBotics Graduates/Enrolls Only.

This program allows people taking the CellBotics course access automatically qualify to be an iCracked tech. You receive DISCOUNTS to start with them NOT found anywhere else!

For $150.00, you receive (normally $400.00+ with no training included)

  • Access to app, software and licensing to use their logo
  • T-Shirt
  • First order of Business Cards
  • Tool Box worth $700+ full of all the equipment you need to complete the jobs THEY will send you, if you want to complete them
  • Grounding Mat 
  • Bumped up to the top of the list if your city has a waiting list to be a iCracked Tech in your city
  • and 12 LCDs! for iPhones

This means you, of course, you leave as a CellBotics Certified Repair Technician but also leave as an iCracked Technician and have access to their wide network of customer submitted repairs that they send to an app you load to your phone. 

States Available In:

041 Portland (ME)
152 Pittsburgh
232 Richmond (VA)
323 Tallahassee
337 St. Petersburg
352 Birmingham
381 Memphis
441 Cleveland
503 Des Moines
551 Minneapolis
554 Minneapolis
731 Oklahoma City
797 Midland-Odessa
836 Boise
837 Boise
841 Salt Lake City
857 Tucson
937 Fresno
984 Tacoma
029 Providence
060 Hartford
233 Virginia Beach
234 Virginia Beach
235 Virginia Beach
237 Virginia Beach
294 Charleston
322 Jacksonville
336 Tampa
452 Cincinnati
462 Indianapolis
482 Detroit
532 Milwaukee
631 St. Louis
770 Houston

Yes! Now pay attention here! Cause this is GOOD!!! 

Who/What is iCracked?

  • If you are not familiar with iCracked, you will be as soon as you hit the Repair Industry! They have a amazing app were people can request repairs but iCracked needs Techs to claim the work and go complete the jobs using their Certified Parts. Below is a link to their website. You can own your own business and also be an iCracked Tech but this special is ONLY valid with CellBotics Training, they really like that our Graduates are motivated and have completed HANDS ON TRAINING.

Find our more by going to iCracks Resource Center: http://info.icracked.com/icrc/what-is-itech

NOTHING! We go over it with you the first day of class… and help you decide if it s aright fit for you… HAVE NO WORRIES!! Cellbotics makes NO money off this partnership and we only have YOUR best interest at heart!! We excepted this special because we know it helps many of our grads hit the ground running!

You wont pay anything until you have decided and talked with iCracked

You are NOT required to get this extra dual certification, you WILL receive CellBotics Certification on the last day of Training with or with out the iCracked 

There included with the price you pay them! YEY!!! 


They do have other tools on their site that you also can get a discount on but you have everything you need covered under that $150!!

Yes, but only for the jobs you are completing for them. You can still buy your businesses parts what whom ever you like BUT you cant not use any parts but iCrackeds for iCracked repairs. iCracked provides Certified Parts with Warranty to their customers so to do this they need to make sure the highest quality parts are installed.

And REMEMBER! You are getting 12 FREE LCDS!!

What are the benefits to having both Certifications?


This is a great question! CellBotics is a Hands On Training Facility. We do not use Videos or Projector Screens.. You actually walk thru each device with an experienced Trainer next to you walking you thru the device properly so that you do NOT damage customers devices in the field. We offer FREE Lifetime support after Training and we bring you many great partnership discount programs like this BUT this is a unique program because iCracked also Certifies and Trains Technicians!


iCracked has a Video only training Program which is great for people who can learn online but CellBotics specifically targets the people who learn better hands on, so why not partner?! It was a no brainier! Both iCracked and CellBotics help people reach their goals in the Repair industry; just by different Teaching methods.

The difference?

Having both Certifications is going to set you WAY above the rest! You will have access to iCrackeds app while you build your personal business with the techniques learned thru CellBotics AND to top it off you wont be damaging iCracked customers and/or your own customers devices! What a relief we say!

Have more questions? Call us at 888-820-6618 x700, Live Chat with us in the window to the bottom right of your screen or submit the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.