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Liam S. from Madison, WI via Yelp 11/1/2017

I am from Wisconsin and traveled to SC to take the 5-day training course after pondering my decision for a week as I haven’t done much with the hardware on a cell phone but was extremely interested in learning something new and get paid well. I have another small service-based business so I am familiar with how customer service plus knowledge gets you far with maintaining and gaining customers so how could I excel quickly in something I know almost nothing about. I don’t want to go back and get a 4-year degree!! I focused on what they advertised (for beginners) and signed up hoping for the best.

Nicole was intuitive and steadfast, Chris was patient and detailed in his teaching techniques and the atmosphere was inviting, unique to the subject and conveniently located.

On the last day of class, we had an open discussion session on business start-up, getting supplies (for all monetary levels) and overview so, if I’m remembering correctly, I think each student essentially got a on-on-one re: start-up. Due to small class size, Nicole pretty much knew where everyone was at and offered suggestions accordingly.

After completing the course I have no regrets especially knowing that if I got stuck on something, the Cellbotics team is just a click or phone call away (which I actually did. Nicole walked me through a review on diagnostics and gave me a boost of confidence).
 This is a new career, I know what to do and if I ever forget something I will always have the back-up of Cellbotics which I found out wasn’t just a marketing/advertising scheme.

I highly recommend this course for people that already have a business and wish they could do something else in lieu of or in addition to and to people of any age to learn a new career and have confidence that they wont walk out of the classroom and feel stuck and in limbo.

I wasn’t going to write a review but I’m naturally helpful and I really wanted too urge anyone who felt like they were stuck with what they currently do or don’t have the time or money to go back to College and get stuck in debt trying to find a lucrative career.

Wade Dudley via Facebook 06/28/17

I am new to the Mobile Phone Repair industry and believed a training center would be the best route to get started with my business and certification. I found several training centers thru an internet search. Course curriculum, class size, and price were a few of my criteria. After comparing several Training centers, I choose Cellbotics.

Cellbotics 5 day training course was an excellent purchase. I was extremely impressed with the Cellbotics staff, training session format, and the wealth of info presented. Students receive a well organized Student Documents and Handbook that provides a Business plan for anyone starting up into the Mobile repair industry. Each day we had repetitive hands on training, business related lectures, and plenty of experienced supervision ready to assist you.

After completing the course I have spent a lot of time studying, practicing, and following the business outline provided in the Student Documents and Handbook. I applied for and received my LLC, secured a storefront space, and hopefully in the next few months I will be ready to open.

Thank you Nicole and the Cellbotics team for the training and pointing me in the right direction for success. Hope to see all of you again soon

Wade Dudley
Tekie Tooler LLC

Scott via Facebook & Yelp 6/5/17

I completed the first 3 Day Boot camp last week.  It was the same instruction that you would receive during the 5 day course.  We just started 2 hours earlier (8:00) each day and finished an hour later (6).  Saved two nights of hotel room expense and received top notch instruction.  Was able to tear down several different models and made several repairs.  Nicole is a very knowledgeable instructor and provided information on many aspects of the business in addition to phone repair.  The training manual is full of valuable information and is just an added value to the actual instruction.  Thanks, Nicole (and Chris)!

Robert via Yelp 3/8/17
Jimmy via Google+ 3/18/15

We sent our first technician to CellBotics and we are so happy with the professionalism and expertise they have. We are going to send another technician there in a few weeks!!! Thanks so much!!!

Money (Repair Customer) via Google+ 7/5/16

This place is awesome , whenever you want to repair your tab or mobile, just go to cellbotics , the staff is very nice, and service is 5 stars, Best Company as i have experience with this company. 🙂

Melissa via Yelp 4/8/15

I could not be more satisfied with my training experience at Cellbotics. I learned absolutely everything I hoped to learn and more. And what is more important to me, I feel confident enough to jump right in and start doing the actual repairs I learned about in class. There are other places you could go for training, but I truly feel that without Nicole there to guide you through the process and continuously remind you to take the time to do things right you wouldn’t be nearly as satisfied or confident in your skills. Anyone who is considering this field owes it to themselves to attend the best possible training, which is definitely Cellbotics.

Billy via Yelp 5/14/15

I thought about going it on my own, grab a few phones, dis-assemble and reassemble and see how it went. After careful consideration I decided to go to CellBotics Performance Training Center, and I’m so glad I did. The cell phone/tablet repair industry is huge and if you are starting your own repair business like myself, it’s important to take the best path to success possible. Learning cell phone and tablet repair from someone who has had long term experience with it reduces your risk of costly mistakes, offers detailed information and puts you far ahead of the game when it comes to making consistently successful repairs. Quality, knowledgeable repairs are what you learn from the techs at CellBotics Performance Training Center as well as the correct inside industry information you need to know. Nichole Russell was my training instructor and she takes her classes seriously, stays focused and delivers a “never a dull moment” approach to keeping you engaged with repair operations. Thank you Ms Russell and CellBotics Performance Training Center…

Dametrik via Yelp 11/23/15

I took this training course about a year ago. And I must tell you that this is the most hands on interactive training you will ever get! That’s the best part about taking this training is getting to repair these cellphones on your own. With the trainers at your aid of course! Anyways having hands on training is the best way to learn I believe because you get to experience what you might run into in the real world. If you are thinking about getting into cellphone repair Cellbotics is the route to go! The trainers are very instructive and interactive. They really make it easy for you to learn the trade of cellphone repair!! I loved it and I recommend this Cellbptics to any and everybody!

Kevin via Yelp 11/19/15
Jill via Yelp 7/29/15
Carlton via Yelp 7/14/15
Erin via Yelp 7/13/15
Dals Wireless via Google+ 6/2/2015

Very good class to learn most of everything you may need to know when it comes to cell phone repair. Nikki is a very hands on instructor and will go out of her way to make sure you leave the class satisfied and confident when it comes to fixing phones and tablets. Plus you get to meet some great new people and work on some of the newest phones. I got a chance to take apart an iPhone 6 and a galaxy S5!!

Keith via Facebook 09/10/16

I took the course, I already had corporate knowledge but this exceeded my expectations and needless to say I own my own business today thanks to Cellbotics.

Dereck via Google+ 5/15/16

I didn’t know anything about cell phone repair but after this class I know everything now, this is a awesome class to take I recommend to anyone trying to get in this field, Nikki was a great teacher

Sarah via Facebook 4/12/16

Nicole was an absolutely awesome trainer! I learned so much from her and I cant wait to open our stores and share the knowledge that she has taught me. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in getting into the cellphone repair business

Henry via Facebook 11/19/15

I traveled from Missouri to take the class. Cell Botics is a great place to learn cell phone and tablet repair. Nikki is very friendly and will answer every question you have. I learned a lot at Cell Botics. Cant complain well worth the money. Thanks Nikki

Theresa & James via Facebook 1/11/16

My husband and I traveld from Kentucky to take this class and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned everything we needed to know about cell phone and tablet repair and the business aspect as well. We loved Nicole and how she trained and we now have a business of our own. We recommend this class for everyone.

Jose via Facebook 6/1/15

I traveled from Pennsylvania to South Carolina with some hesitation, However, I found a truly professional,nurturing,motivating, and inspiring training facility. the staff is still supporting my with my questions and responding promptly!! I would recommend this training facility to anyone. I enjoyed it so much I’m sending my teenager to be trained.Thanks Cell botics!!!

Raj (Off Site Group Trained) via Facebook 4/21/15

Cellbotics is the absolute best investment I made for my employees and company!!! Nicole travelled to me in Lilburn, GA and trained 6 of my employees who most have no prior mobile device repair training. In 2 days I was able to open the Mobile Device repair side of my current existing business and have been very successful. I am very thankful to Nicole and Cellbotics for coming to us and for the continuous updates and support. Raj Kumar, Clear Coat.

Andrew via Facebook 11/16/16

This class was so awesome. Nicole and Brit and kindal all was so nice and helpful. They are experts at this stuff and now thanks to them I am finally trained to fix phones!

Dametrick via Google+ 5/1/16

I took this training course about a year ago. And I must tell you that this is the most hands on interactive training you will ever get! That’s the best part about taking this training is getting to repair these cellphones on your own. With the trainers at your aid of course! Anyways having hands on training is the best way to learn I believe because you get to experience what you might run into in the real world. If you are thinking about getting into cellphone repair Cellbotics is the route to go! The trainers are very instructive and interactive. They really make it easy for you to learn the trade of cellphone repair!! I loved it and I recommend this Cellbbtics to any and everybody!

Naseeb via Yelp 6/13/15
Yotham via Yelp 6/1/15
Michelle via Yelp 5/11/15
Tony via Yelp 6/26/16
My name is Tony. I drove from Massachusetts to SC to take this fantastic hands-on training course. Nicole and Kendall were both very patient with and supportive of each student’s learning style. I highly recommend the five-day Cellbotics training course. I enjoyed the course very much, and it was worth every penny! Their screen-only repair technique has worked out perfectly for me! I am very pleased that Cellbotics was my cell phone repair training choice. 🙂
Larry via Google+ 6/1/16

This is the best well-rounded training course their is! Nicole not only taught us the technical aspects of glass repair, soldering, assembly and disassembly, but also the business aspects with vendor contacts, advertising ideas, and much more! With the hotel room figured into the price, it was simpler and much more affordable than the other guys. I would recommend CellBotics to everyone!

Lacey (Repair Customer) via Google+ 11/1/2016

I took my old phone into Cellbotics for a screen repair and battery replacement. A few days after repair, the touch on the screen went out. I called Cellbotics back about the issue and Nicole has gone above and beyond to fix the problem. She has even helped me diagnose and repair other issues I was having with the phone, that were there before I took the phone in original. She has been great through out the whole process and saved me from having to buy a new phone, which are outrageous! Affordable repairs and great service!!

Brian via Facebook 10/19/16

I had very little experience fixing phones, Nicole and company changed that fast! Thank you, Nicole, for what you do! I was more than prepared for what came next! I highly recommend cell optics to anyone looking to get into this field.

Delynnderick via Facebook 6/2/17

Loved the class and Nicole she was the best instructor to have. I left class feeling like I can repair any device now. From the repairs to the business aspect of it Cellbotics was a great choice and a great investment in yourself as well your future.

Jeanine Via Facebook 03/18/17

I just finished taking this course online from home in California. I purchased my own equipment and received phones to work on from CellBotics. I am so glad I took this course! Nicole is very knowledgeable on all aspects of cell phone and tablet repair, is a great instructor, and is very supportive. I didn’t have any problems taking this course from home. There were a couple of technical glitches and they were worked out quickly. It went much better than I was expecting, and I highly recommend taking this course! Thank you so much Nicole!


Cordell via Facebook 3/22/17

What a great class and instructor. Nicole Russell rocks, she made me feel comfortable, she was patient, and very attentive. I left the class feeling confident that I could fix any phone/tablet/ipad made to man. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning to fix phones/tablets/ipads etc. Amazing should be her middle name!

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