This Course is for Beginners who want to get into the Cell Phone and Tablet Repair Industry

​This course is offered in 5 Day, 4 Day and 3 Day Course = SAME TOTAL HOURS = SAME EXACT COURSE

5 Day Course Hours: Monday Through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., (1/2 Hour lunch) please check our schedule for dates

  • Course Alone Price: $1300
  • Course Price PLUS 4 Night Hotel (Check In Monday after class, Check Out Friday Before Class): $1560
  • Course Price PLUS 5 Night Hotel (Check In Sunday, Check Out Friday before class): $1625

4 Day Course Hours: Monday Through Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., (1/2 Hour lunch) please check our schedule for dates

  • Course Alone Price: $1300
  • Course Price PLUS 4 Night Hotel (Check In Sunday, Check Out Thursday Before Class): $1560

3 Day Course Hours: Days of week vary, hours 8:30 – 6:00 p.m, each day lunch in included paid by Cellbotics. Please look to our schedule for the details of dates and hours

  • Course Alone Price: $1300
  • Course Price PLUS 4 Night Hotel (Check In the day before class, Check Out day after last day of class): $1560

To add additional nights of hotel to ANY of these packages @ $65 a night please REGISTER and then email and note your name and we  will handle it for you and add it to the total due when you arrive

Course Includes, for you to keep:

  • 150+ Page book to keep and write in during class with PRE-TYPED NOTES!
  • 15GB USB Drive with 50+ Documents to use in your business such as forms, warranties, flyers, discounts and more!
  • FREE membership to
  • FREE Call, Text, Video and Email Support for LIFE
  • FREE Drone Repair Guide (normal $200)
  • 1 Small Black Tool Kit (Normal $15)
  • 1 Spudger Pry Tool (Normal $3)
  • 1 Wireless Grounding Strap (Normal $10)


Additional Options:

NEW!!! Optional; iCracked and Cellbotics DUAL Certification Program click for details

DEVICE MASTER PACKAGE OPTION: I want to make sure I make ALL the Money, Teach me COMPUTER & CELL PHONE REPAIR! I want the 8 Day Device Master Course

This is a beginners course, not meant for people with experience.

  • This course is designed for people wanting to operate a shop, open a shop, do repairs from home, mobile repairs or open a retail space and who are new to the Industry.
  • This course starts from the basics of tool identification all the way thru to operations of a shop.
  • With each day designed to cover a specific type of repair, Trainers push repetition. This type of concentrated Course helps students learn the skills no matter if they know anything about tools or phones at all.
  • A trainer will sit one-on-one with anyone who’s struggling and work with them through their “bump in the road” to get them back on track. We are able to do this because of the small class size. WE DON’T LEAVE YOU WITH TRAINING MATERIAL AND MAKE YOU CATCH UP. We catch you up if you fall behind,We are here to help you every step of the way; even after Training.


Below are the devices that are most frequent up for repair in shops BUT all the skills you learn in class are meant for ANY device, so do not believe you are limited to what is on this list

Phones You Will Tear-down In Class:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5C
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Apple iPhone 6+
  • Apple iPhone 6s
  • Apple iPhone 6s+
  • Apple iPhone 7
  • Apple iPhone 7+
  • Apple iPhone 8+ (RECENTLY ADDED)
  • Samsung S4
  • Samsung S5
  • Samsung S6 
  • Samsung S6 Edge  
  • Samsung S7 
  • LG G2
  • Mix of older model phones for soldering

Tablets Covered:

  • Apple iPad 
  • Apple iPad 3
  • Apple iPad 4
  • Air 1
  • Apple Mini
  • Insignia
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung Tab 2
  • Samsung Tab 3
  • and many more tablet brands on display for opening any of your choice during “free times”

Assembly and Identification on Phones and Tablets:
• Tool Overview (Everything you could ever need to repair a phone is provided for you to work with)
• Full Assemble/Disassemble Break Down of Multiple Model Cell Phones. Each student will touch each electronic and do the break down themselves, guided by industry experienced Instructors.
• Full Assemble/Disassemble Break Down of Multiple Model Tablet PCs/iPads. Each student will touch each electronic and do the break down themselves, guided by industry experienced Instructors.
• Component Identification. Students will learn what goes inside each phone/tablet/iPad. Students will leave with the ability to identify the repair needed by the actions of the components, before opening the item.
• Replacement of Flex Cable Components, claw, clamp, and soldered in.
• FPC Connection Identification
• Digitizer Installation
• LCD Assembly Replacement
• Back Frame Replacement
• Learn how to replace all components such as: Ear Speaker, Loud Speaker, Mic, Vibrate Motor, Mid Frame, Housing, Front Camera, Back Camera, Wifi Antenna, Bluetooth Antenna, Head phone jack, Charge port and more.
• Diagnosis: Each student will learn what issues will walk in the door and how to tell what must be done to repair the issue

• Learn to use a DC Power Supply to test components
• Learn to use a Digital Multi-Meter to test components
• Phone building from scraps – there is nothing that teaches diagnosis better then building phones from scratch

Soldering Techniques:
• Soldering – Use Soldering Wire & Solder Paste PROPERLY  to repair USB Ports, Batteries, Antennas, HDMI Port, Micro USB Port, Mini USB Port, USB Port, Flex Components, & more
• Students will be taught safety procedures
• Heat Gun work
• If you are looking for Micro Soldering – FPC Connectors and board level IC Chips are NOT covered in this class but is not needed for day to day operations of a shop. We do provide places to out source these type of rare repairs; if you encounter them.

Glass Len Replacement:
• Glass Removal Using Heat Gun
• Glass Removal Using Hot Plate Machines – YOU will get to remove the glass in class on Apple LCDs
• Learn Safe and Proper OCA Removal Techniques
• Learn LOCA Glue application 
• Learn how to Recycle LCD’s to eliminate over-head, use “junk cracked items” and turn them into cash
• Glass separation repair is very high end & professional, this is the money maker in the industry and we teach you how to make this work for your shop

Water Damage

• Learn Water Damage Repair Techniques and the different levels of Water Damage

Business Information

• See the section below for ALL the business information, we give TONS of business information

You will be able to offer ANY repair to any customer Cell Phone, Tablet or iPad right out of Training; No waiting! No need to buy Practice Devices! You practice on those in Training. Below is a list of Repairs/Replacements:

Charge Port Replacement or Repair

Front Camera

Rear Camera

Ear Speaker Replacement

Loud Speaker Replacement

Speaker Phone Issues

Wifi Antenna Replacement

Bluetooth Antenna Replacement

Service Signal Issues

Glass Only Change Outs

LCD Replacement

Mid-Frame Replacement or Repair

Bezel Replacement 

Gasket Replacement

Vibrate Motor Replacement

Silence Button Replacement

Volume Button Replacement

Power Button Replacement

Grounding Shield Replacement

Flash Replacement

Sim Card Replacement and Repair

Memory Card Replacement and Repair

EMI shield Replacement

Head Phone Jack Replacement or Repair

Mic Replacement or Repair

Frame Replacement or Repair

Digitizer Replacement 

Polaroid Replacement

Back Light Replacement

Proximity Sensor Replacement or Repair

Brightness Sensor Replacement or Repair

Light Filter Replacement or Repair

Strip Screw Removal

Adhesive Applications

All Water Damage Issues

Software Updates

Investment Ideas

Growth Ideas

Future Expansion 

And so MUCH MORE!!!

Below is a small bullet list of some of the business items you will learn but it is impossible to list ALL the items we cover, this is an EYE opening MOTIVATING course!

  • We will spend time through-out each day pointing out how to price each repair to your greatest advantage.
  • We will review methods of scouting out your competition
  • Deciding on location
  • Store or Mobile unit layout, and for those of you wanting to do this from home we cover that too
  • Customer interpretation, they dont always hear what you need them too and we go over how to interact with customers successfully.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Wholesalers, we give you many outlets for purchasing including a vendor in China with product options not found anywhere
  • How to do Activation’s, there is real money in this service offered in store fronts
  • Entity creation, for those of you who do not know how to open a business we do skim over it and if you need one-on-one explanation that is also offered. We also have 4 pages of step by step how to open a business.
  • POS systems and we even have our own POS system being released soon which is perfect for in home techs
  • Start-up ideas and ways to reach as many people as fast as possible
  • Strategies to maximize profit
  • We will perform real life encounters with customers and explain different obstacles you may encounter and how to best resolve them
  • We will review ways to build your inventory, not just by ordering new, but by recycling IN-HOUSE! By class end, you will be building phones and preparing yourself to stock up with the least amount of capital
  • Where to get Parts and Tools you will need for operation and the cheapest places to buy them, yes we have some items on display but we rather give you the people we purchase from instead of marking it up and reselling it to you (like some places we know), this saves you allot of money! and DOES NOT take advatange of your newness to the industry
  • Forms, you will receive a digital packet with all types of forms to use in your shop/mobile/home repair business; more then 30 digital items sent via DropBox
  • Branding, yes take your business to the next level brand yourself, we show you how
  • How to buy on eBay and Amazon and how to find old broken devices you can buy, repair and resell
  • Help forums no one tells you about, we get you connected to other shop owns so you have peers to turn to and can also see their successes and struggles
  • How to work with large service providers like Verizon, Sprint, ATT and Tmobile, They are your friends!
  • Commercial Accounts… how .. what?? Yes there’s allot of money to made with commercial accounts.
  • And so much more we cant even list here!

On Friday, there will be a group discussion with an open forum for questions. This is conducted for students to really press into the Instructors’ deep understanding and experience of Business Operations.

Talking points will be provided to start the information machine running!

If you are employed, we will give you full details on how to start while continuing your current employment or give ideas of how to change to a company in the industry and become a valued part of an existing company.



Already know this stuff? That’s no problem another trainer can work with you one-on-one and by pass this section:

• How to get a multi extension phone number to use for only $9.99 a month; be safe don’t use your cell phone and don’t pay for high land lines

• How to have a website and marketing done for as cheap as $5 or get full packages for just $250

• Where to get free mentors in your area to teach you how to grow your business

• Learn how to start in your home or vehicle and transition into a full retail space, start with as little as class cost, equipment, parts and our special guidance and you’ll be on your way to a retail space.. we teach you the hidden steps most don’t know

• Learn how you can partner and get Government contracts

• Buying Techniques when dealing with the public, Buy – Sell – Trade – Barder

• Each student will be taught how to use E-Bay and Amazon to their advantage to find great phones for resale

• Each student will be taught techniques for reselling “broken” parts to help decrease over head costs

• Selling Strategy, Each student will learn ways to entice customers and insure a return customer

• Software and Data Recovery  using iTunes and android based back up processes

• Students will learn procedures to have in place to protect yourself and your customer from issues with devices

• How to provide a Warranty on your repairs

• How to open a business while being employed with less than $200 investment

• Business Operations Over-View (Expenses/Income/More)

• Hand Book Over View plus Q&A time

• Start-Up Parts Inventory Recommendations

• Students will receive information about their specific state on how to open a business and operate by state guidelines. We can even help you get you EIN in class, just ask.

• Students may bring Personal Items to repair

• Each student will be reviewed and any insecurities in repairs will be worked on and addressed directly with a trainer one-on-one

• Each student will have the opportunity to build a working phone from scrap to truly understand the diagnosing of parts

Forms for your shop:
• Pr-Intake Form

• Internal Pr-Intake Form

• Water Damage Form

• iPhone Back Repair Form

• Warranty Card

• Tablet Warranty Card

• and More!

Learn to bring customers in using other ways then just repairs
• Learn about offering Checks Cashing

• Learn about offering Bill Pay

• Learn about events that you can take advantage of to engage with clients

• Learn about offering Dish set up and bill pay

• Community Events

• Turn Donations in Customers

• Acquiring Corporate Accounts

• How can you do Mobile Repair ~ Its BOOMING right now and in demand!

Trainers will give you many ideas to take back to your store

Flashing, Rooting and Customizing Android Devices:

• Be a 1 stop shop for every type of customer

• Sell-Buy-Trade phones of any carrier and any style

• Learn how YOU can offer these services in your store


• No it is not Illegal

• Yes we will teach you how to be able to offer unlocking in your shop

That’s Right!

Here at CellBotics we also provide you with this list of forms to take back with you in Word Format so then you can just add your logo and start using them! We go over every form and show you how you would use them with real customers.

  • Water/Liquid Damage Repair Form
  • Intake Form (2 Versions)
  • Open Back Agreement
  • Buy Back Agreement
  • Return Policy
  • Warranty Policy
  • Tablet Warranty  and More!

We also provide you with documents such as:

  • Vendor Flyers
  • Example Store Flyers
  • Student Website Log In Information
  • Recommend Start Up Order Sheets from USA and China Vendors
  • LG G2 Common Issues and Resolutions
  • Wording to add to a Resume for Applying for Jobs in the Industry
  • Apple Screen Lock Removal Steps
  • Certified Tech Logos to use online and on your documents
  • ClearCoat Presentation from the Owner and More!


The course is always the same, just spread out over more or less days equaling more or less hours per day. If you are able to learn for 10 hours a day the 3 day is perfect with Food and Stay included! But if you need time to rest in between learning then the 5 Day is perfect! 4 days is a happy medium… either course you choose we have 2 instructors at all time there to help you and its all hands on so NO “watch this projector” time!