Location Address:

700 Garlington Rd Greenville, SC 29615

Training Hours: 8am – 6pm (only open on training weeks)


CellBotics likes to consider itself as a school like none other.


CellBotics was opened in 2012, first as NIKKIS Repair School named after the Owners tablet brand and renamed in 2014 to CellBotics. CellBotics located to Greenville SC also in 2014, Greenville is a beautiful area. Cellbotics has multiple experienced trainers under it that bring forth amazing training programs. Cellbotics effects people motivation-ally, purposefully and increases their income even if they are not traditionally “book smart”. We also believe we are making a difference in the world by lowering electronic waste.


CellBotics was designed to focus on beginners to the cell phone repair field who want to open or operate a cell phone repair one stop shop. The following are the main points that make CellBotics unique and so special and not like any other school on the market for this industry.

  • Small class size, with a max of 10 per in-house class. Other schools have 15-25 per class per instructor, we found there to be a huge need for people of different learning styles to be able to retain the information taught they first needed small class size to really connect with their instructor.
  • 100% Hands On, you touch all items, we do not train from a projector screen like most schools
  • CellBotics provides everything you need for training, there are no prerequisites
  • CellBotics teaches you what you need to no, nothing more, nothing less. We do not fill class time with meaningless lessons on subjects and techniques you will not use in the real world
  • After Training care, CellBotics has the most comprehensive help available, there is no one who beats our availability and willingness to see you thru your success.
  • Transparency, want someones review? ALL of our reviews can be traced to the person who left it so that YOU can contact them and verify yourself, don’t fall for the 1,000’s of great reviews while their social media presence is non-exsistant. With CellBotics all you need to do is follow us on Facebook or Yelp and you will find many of our graduates right there at though type of a comment.
  • Graduate website, yes we have a secret website with information JUST for graduates

Do your research and reach out to us, Cellbotics is built to be completely available for pre-students and graduates. CellBotics has a LIVE Chat attached to their website, a 888# that rings most hours to on call Instructors who are there primarily to help graduates in a jam but also help people with sign up questions. We also have email info@cellbotics.com.