3 Ways Learning Cell Phone Repair Can Supplement Business Income

Smartphones and tablets are massive commodities in the multibillion-dollar tech industry, which is growing exponentially. According to IBISWorld, more than half of the world’s cell phone users own smartphones, and over two-thirds of all cell phone sales are smartphones.

Because of this growth, the cell phone repair industry also needs to grow to meet demands. Now more than ever there is an increasing need for experts who can fix smartphones whether as a primary business operation or as a way to supplement current income. Here are 3 reasons that cell phone repair is a great supplemental business opportunity.

Business Is Getting Better

Cell phone repair businesses are experiencing an annual growth of 1.7%. This is huge, especially considering that the industry is expected to generate a revenue of 4 billion dollars during its life cycle. So it stands to reason that if you choose to go through cell phone and tablet repair training, you will be able to build a successful career in an industry that is growing rapidly.

Only Professionals Can Fill the Need

Fixing a cell phone or a tablet screen is not something that just anybody can or should do on their own. When trying to fix a smartphone or tablet without training, it is highly likely that more harm than good will be done. For this reason, the smartphone and tablet repair industry needs people who have undergone extensive electronic repair training.

Businesses Are Hiring In-House Technicians

A number of businesses are starting to supply employees with smartphones and tablets. With this rise in volume of employee-used electronics, there needs to be trained, in-house technicians to fix any issues that arise. In fact, many businesses around the world are beginning to hire in-house cell phone repair technicians. As a supplemental business income, working with big businesses to repair employees’ devices can be massively lucrative.

We depend on our smartphones and tablets to give us directions, help us be more productive at work and at school, and keep track of all the things we need to do in a day. With the industry growing at the rate that it is, there has never been a better time to enroll in cell phone repair training.