3 Reasons to Sign Up for iPad Repair Training

How did we ever survive before the Internet, computers, and smartphones existed? It’s hard to remember a day when you couldn’t turn to your handheld device to tell you the latest football scores, the weather, or the best route to a new bakery you want to try. When something happens to your devices, it seems like the world is over. However, a professional who has completed an iPad repair training program can then step in to save the day. You can be the hero of the day by completing a similar program. Here are some reasons you should sign up:


Make a Profit

The parts required to fix an iPad average about $20. The average length of time spent fixing them is less than 30 minutes.
The amount of money that you can charge for completing this service is about $100 or more. When you review these numbers,
you can see that you can turn quite a profit, especially when you have multiple ones to work on every day.

Reach a Larger Market

At the end of the last business quarter, Apple announced that they had sold over 225 million iPads to date. That’s a lot of iPads. That also means that you have a lot of potential customers. Anytime some drops their iPad and the screen breaks, they drop it into water, or experience other damage, you’ll be getting a call to find out what you can do to help them.

Receive Specialized Training

Some people will tell you that repairing an iPad is the same as repairing an iPhone or iPod. It’s basically the same thing but larger, right? You’ll find that iPads are not only bigger but have a much more complex opening mechanism that you’ll need to master. You need the specialized training in order to add to your repertoire of services that you can provide.

Check out the iPad repair training offered by Cellbotics to learn more about the program and how it can prepare you to help your customers.